When Requesting a Review or Proofreading of Your Manuscript

I am happy to review any books with the exception of extreme violence, profanity, or promotion of hate. I read on my iPad using the Kindle App. That app works best with the .mobi format, so I request you send your books in that format.

I do this part-time, so my TBR list for reviews of both published and unpublished work is quite lengthy — as of today (4/15/19) I have 36 books on that list. So, I am now giving estimates of September or October to read and review books. 

For authors who desire proofreading and/or editing of manuscripts in progress, I will accept the work by electronic mail, and request that it be in a Word document, typed with 1.5 spacing, in Times New Roman, 12 point font. I will make my corrections/suggestions in red for your ease in finding them. I will provide a Letter of Agreement (LOA) stating the number of days in which I can get the work product back to you. I require a money order or cashier’s check to accompany the LOA.

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