The Marriage Pact

Author, Michelle Richmond, a native of the Alabama gulf coast, is recipient of the Hillsdale Award for Fiction, and the Catherine Doctorow Innovative Fiction Prize. Her most recent book, The Marriage Pact, is due out July 25, 2017. Reminiscent of The Stepford Wives, this is one of those psychologically thrilling stories, that makes you think, “Could this really happen?”. It may be the creepiest book I have ever read, but I couldn’t stop reading it. 
Alice, a talented rock-band musician turned successful lawyer, and Jake, a marriage counselor, receive a gift at their wedding. That gift is their invitation to join “The Pact”. They accept, and their lives are changed forever. The Pact, originally intended to enhance and protect marriages, has taken a wrong turn. Soon Alice and Jake find themselves caught in a cult-like system from which they cannot escape.
Meanwhile, Jake has taken on the counseling of troubled teens, and through his sessions, the reader learns a bit about this. For example, the fact that, while today’s teens are more sophisticated than previous generations, their development of the ability to understand not only themselves but also those around them seems to be declining.
Through Jake, the author asks whether marriage requires people to give up the lives they built prior to marriage, in order to build a life together. Richmond, a master storyteller, has woven a tale which simultaneously repulses and attracts.
What Made this Book Reviewer Grumpy:
  • The usual errors:
  • The use of the words “bring” and “bringing” when the better words would have been “take” and “taking”.
  • The incorrect placement of the word “only” within a sentence.
  • The use of split infinitives.

7 Responses to The Marriage Pact

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  2. Kyla Matton Osborne says:

    I can definitely see where the story would be creepy! It sounds intriguing, though.


  3. I think I’d better skip this one, even though your review grabbed my attention and made me curious. I can’t afford to start a book I can’t stop reading when I’m trying to break my addiction to fiction.


  4. omorris2014 says:

    I guess this is another one to add to my growing list of books that I need to read. I love those kinds of books where you just keep turning the pages and turning and turning, until the end.


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