In My Heart: a Book of Feelings

In My HeartIn My Heart, by Jo Witek, helps children explore their feelings; fear shyness, saddness, happiness, painfulness, and hurt feelings. A child can feel loud, quiet, angry, calm, strong, hurt, and more. As an adult who, as a child, was told, that to be angry was to be “ugly”, and that “no one likes you if you “act ugly”, I understand the importance of helping children to learn how to express their feelings appropriately, and of allowing children to express their feelings to someone they trust.

This little picture book, with delightful illustrations by Christine Roussey, should help small children understand that all kinds of feelings come and go, and that none of them are inherently bad.

ISBN: 978-1-4197-1310-1

Originally published in French in 2013, this edition was published in 2014.