Happy!, by Pharrell Williams

Grammy Award winning author, Pharrell Williams, has taken his mega-hit song, Happy, to children in a large-format picture book with delightful artwork that shows joyful children from all walks of life doing all sorts of fun things.


The text of the book is literally the words of the song; nothing more. The illustrations in this book allow the reader no matter his or her age, to use imagination in play, and to see him- or herself being happy in many different roles.

This book is a keeper. That is, young children will keep it and cherish it for years, and read it over and over again as they grow a little older. It has a secondary effect of showing children that they can be happy, while also being kind, helpful, and generous to others. The book is so cheerful and, well, happy, that parents will never tire of reading it to their little ones.

ISBN: 978-0-399-17643-2