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Reading The Boston Girl

Of all the books we have read in our book club, so far,  Boston Girl, by Amanda Diamant, is my favorite. It’s a must-read. Main character, Addie Baum, was a woman ahead of her time.  Here’s the link to my review:–books/the-boston-girl/.  … Continue reading

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Fourth of July Creek Left Me Stunned

It will be a long time before I get Fourth of July Creek out of my mind. This is the prize-winning novel recommended to me by a high school classmate, George Scherer. This book left me stunned; it’s one of … Continue reading

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RIP, Pat Conroy

I was so very saddened to learn of Pat Conroy’s death on Friday, March 4, 2016. I have been reading his books for years. Many of us can only hope to be as good a writer as he was. His … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, Ms. Lee

One of the most outstanding authors of our time is dead today at the age of 89. Miss Harper, you will be missed.

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