Two Girls Down, But Not Out

I just finished a fantastic book. Two Girls Down, the most recent work of Louisa Luna, takes the reader through the emotional roller coster of searching for missing children.
Many current social issues are subtly woven into a compelling yet agonizing, and all too realistic story. This is not a depressing book, as some of this genre are, but it is one that will stay with you after you have closed the book, or turned off your e-reader.
To read my review, click right here. Two Girls Down will be available for purchase on January 9, 2018, or you can pre-order it now.

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Two Great Lowcountry Mysteries

Lowcountry Book Club and Lowcountry Bonfire are #5 and #6 respectively, in Susan Boyer‘s Liz Talbot Mystery Series. Boyer is a recipient and of the Agatha Award, the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense, and was shortlisted for the Pat Conroy Beach Music Mystery Prize. That alone was enough to convince me that her books are worth my attention. I am grateful to her agent at Claire McKinney, PR, LLC, for sending me copies of both of these books.
Liz and her husband, Nate, are private investigators extraordinaire, solving cases others cannot. One fun aspect of the series is the comical Colleen, Liz and Nate’s high school friend who died at 17. Stuck forever at age 17, Colleen continues to materialize and often helps the two private investigators with their cases. It’s a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but certainly adds a layer of humor to the series.
Cozy mystery lovers will be enchanted with this series. To read my full reviews click here for Lowcountry Bookclub and here for Lowcountry Bonfire.

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English Garden Mystery

Set in England, Pru Parke, gardener extraordinaire, is hired to refurbish the famous gardens at Glebe House in the Cotswolds. The elderly magistrate, Batsford Bede, is murdered, and soon almost everyone around him is a suspect. Best Laid Plants, by Marty Wingate (also a gardener) is a wonderful cozy mystery. This avid gardener especially loved it. To read my full review, click right here.

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Greek Saga is Author’s First to Be Published in English

Lena Manta, is a well-known Greek author, quite popular in Greece and elsewhere. Her book, The House by the River, is the first of her books to be published in English. I had the honor of being the first to publish a review of this wonderful book on It’s a saga that extends from WWII through the 1960s or 70s.  To read my full review, as usual, click right here.


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Creepy Book for a Creepy Day – Happy Halloween

The story has nothing to do with Halloween, but it is truly a creepy book for a creepy day. Except for a few common grammatical errors, I couldn’t put it down. To read my review of The Marriage Pact, click right here.







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Sea Glass Sunrise – Book 1 of the Brides of Blueberry Cove Series

This book is funny, sad, sexy, romantic, and even has a bit of a mystery, plus characters who will stay with you after you have closed the book. You will want to know what happens next. To read my review, click right here.


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Book Signing for New Cookbook

Recently I visited The Kitchen Connection, a treasured local small business to attend a book signing of a new cookbook entitled, The Gild a Lily Cookbook by Marilyn Byer, who lives right here in my community.

The recipes sound both elegant and delicious. Your next party will be a success with these wonderful recipes. Marilyn includes lots of helpful tips and hints for all types of cooking.

Here’s a look at Marilyn’s book. It has the plastic ring binding that helps cookbooks to lay flat, which I find so very helpful. The book is not available on Amazon, so I cannot put an ad for you to click. It must be ordered directly from Marilyn at


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Fantastic Debut Novel – The Town of Jasper

This is one of the most gripping, compelling stories I have read in quite a while. Half of the citizens of Jasper, USA fall ill. Those not ill are terrified. Will they catch whatever this is? Why can’t the CDC identify the cause? After reading The Town of Jasper, you will ask yourself, what would I do if that happened in my town? How would I behave?

To read my full review of The Town of Jasper, click right here.



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National Book Awards Finalists

Today Penguin Random House announced their five finalists in the National Book Awards.I  can’t wait to get my hands on copies of these books.
 Just so you know, I’m now an Amazon Affiliate, so when you click on any of the links for the books, you will be taken directly to, and if you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission.
The five finalists are:
In Fiction:
Dark at the Crossing, by Elliot Ackerman, published January 24, 2017

In Non-Fiction:
The Future is History, by Marsha Gessen, published October 3, 2017

Killers of the Moon, by David Grann, published April 18, 2017

Democracy in Chains, by Nancy MacLean, published June 13, 2017 

In Young People’s Literature:
I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, by Erica L. Sanchez, available October 17, 2017

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Action/Adventure/Political Drama Section is Now Available

Things are finally falling into place at the new home of The Grumpy Book Reviewer, and it’s about time. Unfortunately, those of you who signed up to follow the blog posts will need to sign up again. Even with the same name and web address, the fact that there is a new host site requires it. Instead of “Follow this Blog” you will find “Register” in very small print. My apologies for the inconvenience, and I do hope you will take a minute to click the tiny “Register” button provided by the new host.
About 10 days ago, I published the “Home” and “About Grumpy”pages. Yesterday I published the Action/ Adventure/Political Drama section. There are 12 books in that category, and each has Amazon links to the book being reviewed,  plus other books in the same series. If the book is a stand alone book, there are Amazon links to other books by the same author.
The next genre to be published is the Cozy Mystery section. What is a cozy mystery? Click right here to find out.
Be aware that when you click on one of the ads, you are going directly to If you purchase anything at all after reaching Amazon through one of these links, I will receive a small commission from Amazon. It will NOT affect the price to you in any way.
Thank you for your patience while Grumpy has struggled through surgery, the loss of a beloved pet, and the threat and uncertainty of Hurricane Irma to make the move to a new online home.
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