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My name is Maria. Children often call me Mia. I answer to both. I have loved books since I was a child. I grew up visiting the library with my mom, and going home with a stack of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries along with biographies of Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, John Paul Jones, and others. My love of reading blossomed from there. Later, I moved on to Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and of course, Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee. 

I grew up in Alabama, but have lived in North Carolina, Colorado, Michigan, and now Florida. Travel, in and of itself, is an education that, among other things, shows us that the way “we” do things is not the only way. Reading does the same, but with more imagination.

My favorite books are mysteries and historical fiction, but I love a good thriller, political drama, and romance, too. I am a Christian, and I do review Christian fiction, but I manage to keep my religious and political views out of my reviews. Those political views just might surprise you!

For children and pre-teen girls, I often give books as gifts. As the grandparent of an adopted bi-racial granddaughter, I look for books with themes of multi-cultural respect for both boys and girls. I prefer to choose books with strong female characters and anti-bullying themes.

I will be reading the books of not only my favorite authors, but of many others suggested to me by publishers and literary agents. In each review I provide links to the website of the author. I sincerely hope you enjoy this site, and will visit often.

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