Another RareBird Books Selection: Falling Back to One

Falling Back to One by Randy Mason is the second e-book sent to me by RareBird Books for review. It was a stunning book revealing the damage of certain types of abuse can do to children. It followed the relationship between Mickey, a teenage girl abused since infancy, and her temporary legal guardian, Jim, a police detective who is at risk of losing his job. The success of this assignment is the only thing that will save Jim’s badge, and the one thing that will determine whether Mickey gains her freedom or is returned to juvenile detention. The story was slow-moving until near the end, but I couldn’t stop reading. I never did figure out the title. To read my review click right here.



About Maria Logan Montgomery

Maria lives with her husband and Maltese dog, "C.C." in central Florida. She is an avid gardener, history buff, prolific reader, public health educator, grant writer, artist, photographer, former part-time university faculty, and former consultant to non-profit organizations.
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