Book Club Christmas Book

keeping-christmasOur book club chose Keeping Christmas, by Dan Walsh, thinking it would be a fun Christmasy book to discuss at our December meeting. Not! Only one of the members present at our meeting really liked the book. Everyone else said the main character should “get a life”.

There were a couple of life lessons, though:

  1. we can’t live our lives through others, even — especially — our children; true happiness must come from within; and
  2. the line spoken by Stan, “You don’t put your hobbies and toys ahead of your family’s needs.”

To read my review of this sad/sweet story click right here.


About Maria Logan Montgomery

Maria lives with her husband and Maltese dog, "C.C." in central Florida. She is an avid gardener, history buff, prolific reader, public health educator, grant writer, artist, photographer, former part-time university faculty, and former consultant to non-profit organizations.
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