Welcome to the new home of my website and blog, “The Grumpy Book Reviewer”. On this site, I will be sharing my opinion of the books I’ve chosen, and some that publishers and authors have asked me to review. Unlike book reviews written for a college course, or even some high school courses, where reviews are (or should be) written only in 3rd person, I will be writing in a more personal manner, as if I were talking with a friend. Of course, your comments are invited and welcomed.

Lots of people have said you can travel the world through books, but there is so much more. I have learned much from reading that I likely would never have learned elsewhere. For example, in what I assumed to be some chick-lit-style easy reads, I learned a lot about the endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtles, and about the once-popular tourist attractions in Florida, such as Silver Springs, and Weeki-Wachee Springs, being turned into state parks. In a Tom Clancy novel, I learned that the Concord (a now-retired airplane) expanded 11 inches in length when at cruising altitude.

Why is this book reviewer grumpy? 

I was grumpy only because my preferred name for this site was already taken. So was every really good name I could think of, so I became quite frustrated and, well, grumpy. I’m over it now; and I promise not to take it out on the books or their authors.

What else would make a book reviewer grumpy?  

I must have been born with a red pen in my hand because I detest poor writing: bad grammar, a lack of punctuation, poor syntax, run-on sentences, dangling (incomplete) sentences, a lack of research on the part of the author, and incorrect word usage, to name just a few. I will call an author out on these things, but I will always be kind in doing so.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next post thanks once again.

  2. loganbk says:

    I’m enjoying your new site!

  3. This website is looking very good.

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